MASTER – for sliding gates up to 2000 kg

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400 V three-phase sliding gate operator with encoder without electronic control unit. Maximum gate weight 2000 kg. World-leading quality, design and technology.

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We are partners with TAU, a world-leading supplier of port automation. All automatics from TAU are tested for northern conditions and have a long durability and world-leading quality. TAU?s MASTER engines are of the best-looking auto engines you can get for your gate. MASTER exists in 400 Volt version. We have chosen to sell the 400 Volt versions in Northern areas as there are several advantages of 400 Volt engines for Northern atmospheres. Both in terms of compatible accessories, and not at least due to the fact that the motor can open and close the gate hundreds of times a day without the overheating. For more information, see the product brochure for this model.

This is a complete package with: motor with adjustable encoder, plug in radio frequency card, two channel multiuser sender, a pair of photocells, flashing lights, and warning sing which can be attached on the gate.

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Weight40 kg
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