We are partners with TAU, a world-leading supplier of port automation. All automatics from TAU are tested for northern conditions and have a long durability and world-leading quality. TAU?s engines are of the best-looking auto engines you can get for your gate. The motors are 12 volts as this carries several advantages. Both in terms of compatible accessories, and not at least due to the fact that the motor can open and close the gate hundreds of times a day without the overheating.

This is a package with a 12 Volts motor.

12 Volts motors provides many opportunities for installations such as solar panels and battery.

TAU 12 Volts gate motor is the fastest in the market, and is about 30% faster than a comparable motor with 230 Volts.

Additionally, TAU’s 12 volt motors are built with automatic pressure switches, thus the gate will automatically stop if it encounters an obstacle. This is an important safeguard feature in relation to the use of automatic gates.

-Compact size
-Almost invisible so it does not interfere with the design of the gate
-Opens up to 360 degrees without the need of additional accessories
-Approved by EN 12445 -12453 Standard
-Works also during power outages as additional batteries can be implemented